Hi, I'm running late-ish. Be there in ten or maybe fifteen. _ Sorry traffic see you soon._ Thanks for my drinks with straws. _ Had a really good time tonight. With you. Okay night. _ My morning is good - sunny_ Don’t have plans tonight either. Maybe an adventure?_ Think I like you too. And you remembered my straws!_ Going to sleep goodnight._ Lots to do today. Are you busy later with work? Sounds good talk later. _ Leaving here - dinner? Or I could just grab some stuff. Come over to you? _ Ha so so tired. Kinda wish I was still with you. _ How’s your day been going?_ I really like you back. Really. Feels easy and kinda right. Still like pizza more. _ Yeah I could do that. You sure you want me to meet them? Just kidding see you soon. _ Sorry I left so early. Was tired, you seemed busy. _ Didn’t want to bother you._ Just didn't feel like staying late. _ Honestly all good. Night._ Good. How’s your morning? My leather jacket at your house? Couldn’t find it today._ You can't take it back. Even if I'm always late. _ Plus I love you too._ I have to work late. Could maybe Thursday or Friday. What day do you leave?_ Guess see you when you’re back. Just let me know when you land though. Think I’ll kind of miss you. _ I'm pulling up now. What gate are you at, I don't see you. Outside waiting for you. _ Forgot something. Really hate when you leave. Love you so there's that. _ Wait seriously, you can’t. Ah ok. Another night then? Wish you told me sooner._ Seems like I come last. I know things come up, I'm fine. It's not a big deal._ For the weekend? Let’s go. Might have to work a little bit. But maybe I just won't._ Honestly I love you. Like I can't make you believe me. How many more times._ Can we not do this now. We can talk about it later. Should I come over? _ I want to be in this. But I can't stop my life just for you. _ Always on your time. _ You're just not being fair. I feel like I don't get you. You bring this up now?_ It's not all about you. I don't know - think I need space. Everything was fast. _ I think I miss you. I don't know what that means now._ But yeah I miss you._